Are you curious why many internationals want to open a company in the Netherlands? Then, access intercompanysolutions and find out! The Netherlands is known for its practical and beneficial economic climate. As part of the European Union, the country is very well connected to its neighbours and it is forecasted to become the economic centre of Europe as soon as Brexit is finalised. As an investor, you will be even more interested to open a company in the Netherlands after finding out that the country has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. It is understandable that you might question whether you will be able to find the right people to work with, but you must not have any doubt about this as the Netherlands has a high quality education system and most locals speak English. Also, lots of internationals live here, so that should give you a concrete answer on whether to open a company in the Netherlands. You might find yourself a bit sceptical about the process of setting up a new business in a country you do not know, but you will slowly come to realise there are always experts willing to help you. Surely, you have specific questions about what is needed from you in order to open a company in the Netherlands. Specialist companies are able to provide all the information you need to get through this complicated process. 

Intercompany solutions will help you open a company in the Netherlands

The bureaucratic process of opening a new business should never be the reason for which you end up not pursuing your entrepreneurial career. That is why it is extremely important to get support and advice from knowledgeable experts. Intercompany solutions provides expertise in such matters. The main benefits of working with them are: 

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 24-hour response time
  • 200+ satisfied customers 
  • Business law experts
  • Free initial consultation
  • Business immigration 

If all this is not enough, they can also assist you in opening a bank account, take care of taxation and accounting matters, and help with receiving a VAT company number. Your intention to open a company in the Netherlands will quickly become factual with the help of these experts. 

Start searching for the right people

As an international, it can be challenging to reach the right target group when looking for new employees. However, highly trained, skilled and educated individuals, often use online platforms to find jobs. You already know that you do not need a newspaper add. Make sure your job vacancies are spread online as much as possible and try to make it sound attractive and challenging. Ensure that the efforts you spent to open a company in the Netherlands give you the outcomes you desired. Focus on finding people with growth potential, who you feel you might be able to trust and who can slowly become your most wanted partners. Do not feel disheartened if it takes a long time. All the good things make you wait for them!